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Sunday, December 19, 2004 

Leadership plan for expulsion without trial is wrecked by legal challenge

The following very disturbing, but now unsurprising report arrived during my brief break. Further news on this subject is expected:


Leadership plans to expel several NEC members from the party without trial have begun to founder as a result of legal action following the discovery that Press Officer Mark Croucher leaked the plans to the press 24 hours before discipline cases had even been submitted.

The leadership had planned to get the members thrown out of the party by a ring-round of Discipline Panel members, on the say-so of the Party Leader. No proper discipline case has actually been submitted to the panel, only hearsay and rumour and a series of allegations based on a hoax e-mail sent out by Mark Croucher. And those under threat of expulsion have been specifically told it would be "unfair" for them to be allowed to present their case to the panel!

It is also understood that party and MEP employees are on the panel, thus making a mockery of its status as an independent panel. However, it now appears that the tide is turnnig against the leadership. Two of the members under threat took urgent legal advice and have placed the party on notice that they cannot simply remove members on the say so of Nigel Farage who is claiming that it is "urgent that we throw them out".

Lawyers acting for the two have put the party on notice that any attempt to throw them out will be met by instant action in the High Court, if necessary before Christmas.

"It is unthinkable that you can claim that our clients must be suspended from membership on the basis of hearsay," said the lawyer's letter. "You have asked the Discipline Panel, on the basis of no proof whatsoever of any wrongdoing, to suspend members of the party by telephone call.
The summary of allegations with no documentary evidence attached, and the suggestion which has been placed in the minds of the Panel about our clients' guilt, is not a Discipline Complaint as specified by the Discipline Rules."

The letter went on to ask why the senior officials considered it "urgent" that the members be thrown out without trial, and asked for proof as to why it would be "unfair" to allow the members under threat to defend themselves. "

This we actually find the most extraordinary suggestion of all, that you can claim it would be 'unfair' to allow people to defend themselves," the lawyers concluded. The Party Leader and some MEPs have also intimidated members of the Discipline Panel by calling them and claiming that those they want removed are "Tory moles".

Intimidation in this manner is against the Party Discipline rules, but order has now completely broken down within the leadership and NEC. The NEC is now broken and divided, with confusion about what the truth is and the leadership using any excuse to deny them information.

The Party Leader is practically invisible.

Against this background, the organisers of the EGM have just announced that they have enough branches signed up through their own EGMs to force a national Vote of No Confidence in the Party Leader. It is thought that it is this situation that has led to the last ditch attempt to discipline those involved in co-ordinating the EGM.

We understand that an announcement of court action on this is imminent as well.


Well, well, well! UKIP as usual it seems!

posted by Martin |3:35 PM
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