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Friday, December 24, 2004 

Leadership orders party discipline panel to "try again"

It wouldn't be UKIP if the rowing paused even on Christmas Eve. This report just in on the latest twists from the Disciplinary Panel's seasonal activities:

"You got it wrong when you dropped discipline charges," is the charge against those who found that Hockney and Moss had no case to answer.

Like the Irish EU Referendum, where the EU ordered the Irish Government to keep going back until they got the right answer, the UKIP Leadership have gone back to the party's discipline committee to tell them that they got the wrong answer first time, so can they "try again".

So incensed are the leadership with the dropping of all discipline charges against Damian Hockney and Daniel Moss that they have ordered the Discipline Panel to "look again" in light of "something they may have overlooked".

There is of course nothing that has been "overlooked", but it will be useful to see if the panel buckle under this "Christmas Message of Goodwill" from the Leadership to them. Are they going to add to the two legal cases which have now been started against their attacks on the party and its members?

With the Leadership playing the role of EU, and the panel in the role of hapless Irish Government, we do not give much for their chances. ...but maybe of course, this is just another Leadership hoax?

posted by Martin |4:06 PM
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