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Friday, December 31, 2004 

Knapman's New Year's Tale of Woe!

The beleagured leader of UKIP begins to show the pressures that an unworthy intellect may impose on its host. In this case the clearly incompetent former Tory whip Roger Knapman, clinging to a position for which he daily proves himself unworthy, sends out a New Year message to UKIP Party members that quite extraordinarily begins as follows:

----------------------New Year Message----------------------
---------------- From UKIP Leader Roger Knapman MEP--------

Carolyn and I sincerely pray that you will have a very happy and productive 2005. If anyone deserves a good year, it is you, who have withstood disregard, disdain, slander, want of funds and frequently, as it seemed, of friends, and have stood firm...........

Were this pantomime, it might be time for a big aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! for Roger.

It is not, it is the future of our country and the outcome of a General Election that is in the balance. Roger (prevailed upon perhaps by Carolyn) could have done the honourable and courageous thing and stood aside.

To their eternal shame - they did not in 2004. For the sake of the countrythey could offer some opening hope for the new-born 2005by standing down NOW!

posted by Martin |8:01 PM
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