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Wednesday, December 08, 2004 

Knapman challenged over Kilroy at Newquay meeting

A report of a UKIP meeting in Cornwall last Friday ends with this sign of continuing dissent over the leadership issue. What a tragedy it is for those who oppose the EU, that Roger Knapman lacks the courage to put his patriotism to the test by stooping to legal posturing rather than putting his leadership to the test of the membership and allow a united anti-EU movement to move together to fight the coming general election. The newspaper article may be read here, with the most critical item at the end as follows:-

There was recently a challenge to Mr Knapman’s leadership from former television celebrity Robert Kilroy Silk, which attracted criticism that the party lacked ‘discipline.’

Former Newquay councillor Norman Thompson told Mr Knapman at the meeting.

"I think Mr Kilroy Silk is much more charismatic than you, I met him and he’s a great guy," he said.

"If UKIP is to be seen as a credible party, it needs to be seen as unified and not in disarray."

posted by Martin |1:04 PM
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