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Monday, December 20, 2004 

Kilroy Supporters set to swamp UKIP with NEC Nominations

Elections to UKIP's discredited National Executive Committee normally take place each February and nominations close in January. While moves to remove the existing NEC by means of an Emergency General Meeting made progress to the Courts for resolution last week, up and down the country party supporters of Robert Kilroy-Silk are reported to be preparing a mass challenge to the corrupt ruling cabal.

Control over the NEC due to its rolling rotation and maximum three year terms of office will clearly not be achieved rapidly, but candidate details must be circulated to the party membership and hundreds of nominations for Kilroy supporters all exposing the rot at the top of the party will be an excellent means of taking the facts to the less active or involved everyday member.

Get your nominations in ASAP!

posted by Martin |8:34 AM
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