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Wednesday, December 08, 2004 


Slurry attack condemned as ‘attack on free speech’

Robert Kilroy-Silk, an M.E.P. for the East Midlands, told 70 supporters at Risley Hall Hotel last night that “we will get our country back from Brussels in two years”.

His confident prediction came as his backers started legal action in the High Court to force the leadership of UKIP to hold an election for leadership of the Party (see report in today’s Daily Telegraph). Mr Kilroy-Silk’s backers now have the support of the required number of UKIP Branches to force a special Conference - but last night, the Party’s National Executive Committee once again refused to take any steps to hold a leadership ballot.

Mr Kilroy-Silk also referred in his speech to the attack on him on Friday when, just as he was about to enter Manchester Girls’ High School to take part in BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions programme, a protestor claiming to act ‘in the name of Islam’ poured a bucket of farmyard slurry over him. He said: “This was not an attack on me, it was an attack on free speech, by people who cannot deal with honest and open debate but resort to acts of intolerance. If Britain stands for anything, it stands for the principle of free speech”

Mr Kilroy-Silk spoke in the Baronial Hall at Risley Hall Hotel at a fund-raising dinner for the South-East Derbyshire Branch of UKIP. Support for his leadership bid is particularly strong in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire area.

Alex Stevenson, Branch Chairman, said after the dinner: “After his visit to Ilkeston just two weeks ago, it was great that Robert and his wife made the time to come up and speak to our supporters. His talk went down very well and we know he could win huge support across the country when he becomes the leader of UKIP”. Risley Hall Hotel is in the Erewash Parliamentary constituency, which is one of a number of seats Mr Kilroy-Silk is considering contesting at the coming General Election.

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