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Wednesday, December 08, 2004 

Is Farage's proposed constituency still Chaired by ex-National Front organiser and candidate.

The Private Eye of 1st - 14th October 2004 has this report on the constituency for which Farage has chosen to run, as trailered in the Daily Telegraph this morning, see our posting immediately beneath this.


The UK Independence Party holds its AGM this weekend, and following its success in the European elections the leadership is determined to show what a thoroughly sane and respectable bunch they now are - even if the presence of Robert Kilroy-Silk would seem to suggest otherwise.
As the UKIP webset boasts: "In order to protect the party from infiltration by extremists...all prospective parliamentary candidates and constituency office bearers must sign declarations confirming that they have no criminal record, no record of serious mental illness and no previous association with extremist political groups of right or left."
No doubt this will come as a surprise to Martyn Heale, chairman of the fast-growing UKIP branch in South Thanet. Heale, a sometime prison officer at Wormwood Scrubs, was previously a branch organiser and council candidate for the National Front.


Has this Branch Chairman been removed we wonder, since this article appeared in early October?

posted by Martin |9:44 AM
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