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Friday, December 24, 2004 

An invalid NEC - An ineligible Returning Officer for the NEC elections?

The following posting has been placed on an internet discussion forum, in response to the claim by George Stride that he is once again a full member of the UKIP NEC:-

"This is not right" it begins. (To read what was claimed, read our posting of yesterday linked here or scroll down the page to the next post bar one)

"George Stride was elected to the NEC in 2003 for one year, which he served from 03 to 04. His term was extendable to 06 only if there was a vacancy. He came off the NEC this year as he himself acknowledges: "I was omitted from the membership of the NEC because I did not stand for re-election this year". Following this year's election there was no vacancy because the NEC had its full complement of fifteen members as published in the July newsletter: Batten, Booth, Burton, Colman, Farage, Gillman, Holdsworth, Lott, Mackinlay, Moore, Nattrass, de Roeck, Scholefield, Sinclaire, Stone. If George has now returned to the NEC to replace Nikki Sinclaire, it is as a co-opted member who must stand for election in 2005.

When vacancies occur it is customary for the NEC to invite the next failed candidate from the last NEC elections, but they don't have to. They can invite any party member they want, but to stop such unelected members blocking seats for up to three years the constitution requires them to stand for election at the next NEC election. It appears the NEC is ignoring this requirement in the case of George Stride. Could this be to restrict the number of seats up for election that might fall to RKS supporters? They're doing the same thing with Ian Gillman - he was co-opted this year to replace Denis Brookes and should therefore stand for election in 05, making seven seats available instead of the five that have been announced.

If the NEC is not properly composed and elected according to UKIP's constitution it will have no authority to manage the party or to spend its funds, and any decisions it takes will be open to legal challenge. It will be an invalid NEC."

posted by Martin |2:34 PM
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