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Tuesday, December 14, 2004 

An Intemperate Response and a Cool-Headed Reply

Subject: RE: Open Letter to Party Secretary - Ghost Branches and Intimidation

Mr Hockney,

As is usual you manufacture a load of slurry and stick it in the muck spreader.

It is time you were thrown out of UKIP . You have only one objective and that is to kill off UKIP by telling lie after lie after lie.

You do not care how big these lies are so long as damage to UKIP results.

I do not know who is behind you or why you have acted like a fifth columnist for so long but I have had enough of you and intend to report you for your subversion of our Party and CONSTANTLY and for years bringing the Party into disrepute.


To which Mr Damian Hockney replied:


Do you mean that it is a lie that John Moran has attempted to set up a rival branch without telling the branch officials? He has.

Or that Andrew Smith spoke at the NEC about the 60 branches and the need to make them properly constituted? He did.

Or that leadership plants from out of the branch area were removed from the party South Holland and Deeping meeting a few days ago? They were.

I suggest you simply ask the questions of those involved rather than leaping straight into print. Come back to me on the matter then, not five minutes after I have e-mailed you.

I am simply asking of the Party Secretary why these events have occurred, and for an explanation. You wers copied as a member of the NEC.

Please explain what lies there were in the e-mail. The reason why you have again lost your cool in response to a reasonable and reasoned e-mail is because it exposes what you are doing and asks questions...and you are unhappy about it.

Spitting tacks about "lies" and "wreckers" and "fifth columnists" and "subversion" makes you sound frankly barmy.

Before you write anything like this in future, I strongly advise you to think about what you write and judge how it would play with a reasonable person. Now read your e-mail again, with its resort to capital letters and use of extreme language.

By all means "report me" to some kangaroo court (which no doubt will include your employees) for telling the truth and asking questions about what is going on, but don't you think it would be better if we simply had a leadership election and then we could all get on with the campaign? Just setting up loads of ghost branches through leadership contacts like John Moran to try and stem the move towards a leadership election is going to just make you look even more foolish.

There are only 150 days to go until we might have a General Election - there's no time to go around spitting tacks at fellow members just because they disagree with you. TIme instead for a quick leadership election. I have said it again and again: I will work with whoever is elected. But I understand you have signed a piece of paper saying that even if Robert
Kilroy-Silk were elected leader democratically that you would not work with him.

There is the difference Mike.


Damian Hockney
Leader, UK Independence Party Group
London Assembly
City Hall

and Chairman, Kensington & Chelsea (Central London) branch

posted by Martin |11:27 AM
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