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Wednesday, December 22, 2004 

Guardian report on 'Croucher's Sting' of 18th December.

We continue to be unable to access the link to the Guardian Backbencher article on the report on the Mark Croucher 'sting operation' that was in the paper last Friday. I therefore have quoted the item here in full as provided by a reader, it needs to be read to fully understand some of the events that have followed:-

The Backbencher is happy to report that the search for the traitorous Ukip members who backed Kilroy's leadership bid is over, thanks to what its press officer calls an "internal sting operation" aimed at discovering who had leaked the party's draft manifesto to the press.

Mark Croucher was the mastermind behind the undercover operation. "In consultation with nine of UKIP's NEC members, it was decided that a 'sting' operation be implemented by circulating a wholly fictitious but believable email to a limited number of NEC members, with each email
differing from all the rest by selective use of punctuation and spelling errors," he explains. "As soon as the email was forwarded, it was clear who was responsible, and disciplinary action will be instituted against the culprit.

"That the NEC members concerned, [Damian] Hockney and [Daniel] Moss were taken in so completely simply demonstrates their own lack of political judgement in their rush to damage the party which they supposedly support. Had they any integrity, they would resign immediately and save themselves further embarrassment."

And just what was this fictitious but credible email? It reported that the party's leadership were minded to accept an offer from a "senior non-political figure" to donate a six-figure sum to the party on condition it hold a referendum on EU withdrawal. Frankly, the Backbencher is bemused. Would a serious political party really offer to change its manifesto in exchange for a big donation? Surely not! Still, at least the media have been warned that not everything sent from Ukip's press office can be relied upon to be true.

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