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Sunday, December 26, 2004 

Emergency General Meeting Update

The following update was issued to the participating Branch Chairmen on Christmas Eve:

Christmas Eve 2004

To: UKIP Branch Chairmen supporting a leadership election

Just to bring you up to date with events, our two-pronged attack is proceeding apace. On the legal front, the Party Secretary is still refusing to accept the legitimacy of the original petition and is now in the ludicrous position of saying that he will not hold a national EGM even if petitioned under the new constitutional requirements without a court order. This shows how desperate the leadership is to avoid a leadership contest. It now looks inevitable that the matter will come before the High Court in early January.

On the EGM front, David Lott has recently claimed that only two branches have fulfilled the proper constitutional requirements. This is ludicrous. Forty-three branches have now either held EGMs or have them planned for January, by which time we will be able to satisfy even the
requirements of the very difficult new rules on holding an EGM, rules which we and our lawyers do not accept are valid anyway.

It is vital that we achieve the position where all the numbers are in, and all the cards are in the hands of those who want to reform the party. These numbers will give us the upper hand in negotiations in January. When you have had your EGM, could you please let us know the
result, and let us know of any attempts to obstruct the EGM. Our lawyers are surprised at the degree of obstruction and desparation to cling on being demonstrated, but say that the numbers will force them to give way.

Unfortunately one branch chairman has resigned under pressure and disciplinary action has been launched or threatened against several others, but we must all remain resolute if we are to achieve our objective of a leadership election. Only one branch that we are aware of has changed its mind - and this after extreme pressure. Let us know if dirty tricks are being applied to your branch - we can probably help as we already have in some instances! Some of the discipline actions have already been fought off, and others are being defended by lawyers.

The good news is that several more branches are now adding their names to the list of those holding EGMs in the New Year. If you are aware of neighbouring branches who have not yet organised their EGMs, please let us know.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and an electorally successful New Year!

Michael Harvey

posted by Martin |8:54 AM
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