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Sunday, December 26, 2004 

E-Mail Exchanges on Hoax Donor

The following exchange between aUKIP NEC member and the party's press spokesman that took place before Christmas, has come my way and will be of interest to those marvelling at the idiocies to which the present leadership is delivering the party's supposed anti-EU cause:-

To: NEC, MEPs, AMs, Mark Croucher

Re: Anonymous donor

Apparently Mark Croucher has circulated an email on a non-Party chat site stating that his previous email to the NEC regarding a six-figure donation is a hoax.

The reaction from those I have discussed this with is that it may well not be a hoax but Mark is now putting out a cover story outside the Party.

If the original email was a hoax we are now in the position of not knowing whether a communication from the Party Press Officer is a hoax or not. Perhaps in future he should introduce his communications with "not a hoax".

What can one say about this?

Mark Croucher also seems ignorant about the conventions of confidentiality. A sender cannot bind a recipient to confidentiality by putting 'confidential' on the communication without the recipient's consent in advance. No-one has the slightest obligation to keep an email from Mark
confidential because he has put 'confidential' 'top secret' or whatever on top of it unless, among other things, they have agreed to keep it confidential in advance. [Perhaps Mark would consider the Blunkett case and how Blunkett could stifle any discussion about his activities by putting 'confidential' on his communications.]

Furthermore, in this case, recipients owing a duty of care to their members would not only not be obliged to keep something confidential but would have a positive duty to communicate what appears to be an undermining of the Party's core objective to its members.

One wonders if Mark is unemployed and thought this up himself or whether he was acting under instructions.

The UKIP Press Officer replied to this message as is quoted in full below. Amazingly enough he chose to deliver his feeble response above this quotation from William Pitt:-

"England has saved herself by her exertions, and will, as I trust, save Europe by her example" - William Pitt, 1805

Does the ridiculous UKIP Press Officer, (who here admits to deliberately deceiving the press, upon whose trust his own and the party's image surely depends), really consider himself worthy to quote such true patriots as Pitt?

Here is the response to the message above and supposed justification for the underhand actions we now know were authorised by the Party Chairman, Petrina Holdsworth, Party Leader, Roger Knapman and Party Destroyer, Nigel Farage:

Subject: RE: Anonymous Donor
What one can say about it is that if certain members of the NEC ceased acting like fools and leaking everything within hours, such a course of action would not be necessary. At least in future they won't be so quick to leak, knowing they may be making idiots of themselves. Again.

Best etc,
Mark Croucher
UKIP National Press Officer

posted by Martin |9:11 AM
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