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Sunday, December 12, 2004 

Creating Branches to prevent an EGM

Such was the title of one of our postings of 18th February this year. Read it again from this link to see its relevance to what is now happening to the Eurosceptic movement - it is being destroyed by the UKIP cabal!

Read what the founder members of Reform UKIP had to say in a circular letter to members that was posted on the blog on 10th February by clicking here.

Read the warning from resigned NEC member Lesley Brown that was first posted on 26th February linked here:

26th February 2004


As a fellow party member I urge you to read carefully the Returning Officer's report on the delayed NEC elections.

The report is not secret and its contents are deeply disturbing. There are very serious issues which need to be addressed by all members and it is simply no good sweeping them under the carpet for the sake of 'party unity' or their supposed impact on the Euro elections.

At NEC meetings I have seen and heard Damian Hockney's fight to defend the core principles upon which this party is based. By doing so he is defending the beliefs of the ordinary members of our party and yet he has been attacked and undermined for his efforts. I have never, in public or in private, heard Damian attack other party members - despite the personal vilification he has had to endure - and I am proud to offer him my support.

Lesley Brown

NEC Member 2002-2003
NW Chairman 1999-2002

The Returning Officer's Report may be read by clicking here, or scrolling down the page to the post 'Statement on Stalled UKIP NEC Elections'.

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