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Friday, December 03, 2004 

A conservative manifesto

While the exchanges reproduced below, between party chairman Petrina Holdsworth and Daniel Moss, indicate that the latter had no evidence of a secret Tory plot (of course nobody is in a position to categorically state such does not exist unless they can read or predict the mind of Nigel Farage, or his controller if such exists - Lord Pearson seems to have influence?)

Be that as it may, the details revealed so far, and interestingly these elicited no denials yesterday, tell us that this manifesto is an incredibly conservative document.

The dilemma for the Tory Party was well spelt out in the exchange linked here between Dr Sean Gabb and Mr Steve Davies. It is a recommended read for those wishing to try to understand what is now going on, especially when attempting to predict events ahead of the election and plan a strategy to fight the same. I would quote here one paragraph of the latter's remarks:-

"7. The two groups of 'right wing' voters today can perhaps called Tories and Whigs. To use stereotypes, Tories are older, of either below average or well above average income, live in seaside resorts, rural areas and older industrial areas. They are Daily Mail and Telegraph readers, they are strongly socially conservative, very hostile to the EU, dislike multiculturalism and favour very strong controls on immigration, are supportive of the war on drugs. They are hostile to socialism and much of the welfare state but support some parts of it such as the NHS (for now). Although they generally favour free markets this is becoming less true all the time. They increasingly do not like globalisation and dislike large corporations. Whigs are younger, average to above average income, and live in suburban areas including suburbanised parts of the countryside. They are economically liberal, often very much so. They hope that the government is going to sort out the welfare state but suspect it isn't and are becoming increasingly hostile to it. They are very socially liberal, much less bothered about immigration and dislike anti-immigrant campaigns. They favour relaxing laws against drugs or outright legalisation, they are very relaxed about homosexuality. They don't like the EU particularly but don't have the visceral hostility of the Tories and they don't like appeals to nationalism because they have a very different sense of national identity to the Tories. They like and support many kinds of multiculturalism. Many read the Telegraph but they are also Times and Independent readers. They absolutely hate and despise the Daily Mail."

There can be little doubt that the UKIP manifesto is designed to appeal to the Tory vote as described above; while Michael Howard appears to be trying to appeal to the Whigs. Is this fact significant? Are we seeing an attempt by the 'right' to garner enough votes to try and gain power with no pre-election pact intended, but a possible parliamentary coalition thereafter if their ploy brings electoral success? Did Kilroy's speech, effectively scuppering the conference motion, therefore put this strategy at risk? Had Paul Sykes bought into the plan between early September when he was calling for Kilroy's leadership and early October when he was calling for his blood?

The role of the disgraced ex-Tory Piers Merchant in selecting all approved UKIP candidates and the award of North Devon, a prime target seat, to another disgraced ex-Tory John Browne, clearly shows that there is plenty of smoke behind the idea of there being some understanding, if not arrangement with that party. Given the nature of the manifesto proposals, such a scheme would probably not lead to widespread disapproval amongst the general membership of UKIP.

To any still within UKIP who believe that the only major achievement of the Conservative Party over the past fifty years has been to destroy our country's sovereignty and democracy, and effectively lock us under the control of appointed autocrats on the Continent, as I do - then they should consider the actions of UKIP very carefully - demand a Leadership Election NOW, or seek an alternative anti-EU party for which to work, stand and vote - well before next May.

posted by Martin |8:24 AM
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