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Thursday, December 09, 2004 

Are Farage/Knapman in Business or Politics?

Surely this report from The Guardian will be enough to convince even the most gullible UKIP supporter of Nigel Farage and his puppet Roger Knapman that their party has been hi-jacked for purposes having nothing whatever to do with removing Britain from the EU.

And if the details of the leaked, amateurish and frequently ludicrous manifesto did not do the trick, then this report SURELY will

Instead the first UK Independence party corner shop in Britain offered anglophiles a selection of natty dressing gowns in towelling or velour, a wide range of T-shirts and ties - all of which come with mix and match £ logos - as well as FU-EU stickers, badges and keyrings.

Judging by the till at the end of trading yesterday, the shop in Ramsgate, Kent, could be the first in a national chain of patriotic convenience stores and the party has promised that Ukip & Son stores would be popping up in 30 towns across the country before the general election.

"We've sold 20 dressing gowns so far," said Mike Taylor, the shop manager. "They cost £22.50 and are going so well I'm going to have to restock tomorrow."

The full article from The Guardian may be read from here.

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