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Thursday, December 23, 2004 

'Any Questions' Transcript

The full programme transcript of Robert Kilroy-Silk's Manchester broadcast is available from this link.

I provide some quotes that I find presently significant:-

I have a great deal of respect for Vincent Cable, whenever I've heard him speak I've always felt he's one of those politicians, unlike those from the old party, to actually tell the truth, told it straight, didn't get involved in spin or lies. So I'm disappointed that tonight he should actually say - join the chorus of the old party, that canard, when they've lost the argument of saying if you withdraw from Europe, if you actually have the temerity to want to govern yourselves and your own parliament in Westminster then there will be jobs at risk. It's a lie. It is just not true. Why should there be? We don't want to change our relationship with Europe, we just want to govern ourselves in our own parliament, in our own - by our own people. We want to continue to be
good friends, we want to continue to be good neighbours, we want to continue to buy their Mercedez, their BMWs, their wine and don't you think they want to sell them to us? Of course they do. And we want to sell them our chemicals and our financial services. There is not probably a single job that would be at risk in this country and it is despicable of any politician to pretend what there is, to get themselves involved in the politics of fear. It means, ladies and gentlemen, when they start doing that they have lost the argument. [CLAPPING]
At the risk of directing your attention the question, do you - do you seek - just as a matter of fact - do you seek to lead the party which you so very recently described as barmy, namely UKIP, is that your present intention?
There is a demand at the moment which is being considered for a constitutional calling of a meeting that will determine whether or not elections should take place. I hope that that meeting will occur before Christmas and I hope that I will be elected leader of the party by Christmas because I think that is sufficient time for us to put in process what is necessary - the building of a manifesto, the establishment of spokespersons, the developing of the strategy for the General Election in time for us to fight and have a significant impact upon the General Election.
And will…
So the answer to your question, and I'm not trying to avoid a question, that is not what
I'm about, is yes.

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