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Saturday, November 20, 2004 

When the Battle against the EU began to be Won!

There has been a decisive shift in the fight against the EU. It was evident this week in Strasbourg when Robert Kilroy-Silk made this speech against the new EU Commission, which was then followed the next day by the more widely circulated accusations of Nigel Farage against the French EU Commissioner:-

"Mr President, that shower down there purports to be the government of Europe. Is that the best you can do? Is that the cream, the elite?

They are a joke. However you shuffle the pack the joker comes to the top.

They are a gaggle of rejects, failures, has-beens, no-marks, liars, dodgy-characters, and communists, epitomised by the British Commissioner, Mr Mandelson, who lied on his mortgage application form so that he could live above his means; who was twice dumped by the British Cabinet and who is synonymous in his own-country with lies, deceit, evasion and spin. And he and that lot down there are now going to make the laws of my country on immigration, asylum, foreign policy and defence?

I do not think so!These are not the people who have the ability or the opportunity..."(at this point the President raised his gavel to end Mr Kilroy-Silk's speaking time).

This will possibly come to be regarded as the critical moment when the facts about the conspiracy against the democracies and nations of Europe began to be revealed to a wider audience and the grotesque bureaucratic creation at last started to unravel. Before it does so, however, let me suggest another earlier and perhaps even more significant moment for our country:-

Question Time 20th May 2004. Click on that link and fast forward the 'Real Player' to nine minutes and forty-five seconds into the broadcast. There for the first time, that I am aware, the accusation that what our previous governments and ministers had been doing was 'LYING' to the British people was firmly and clearly made by Robert Kilroy-Silk.

Up to that point the parliamentary convention that accusations of lies were somehow forbidden in political interchange had tended to prevail throughout British public life. Kilroy's stature and the seniority of the panel members from the three main parties gave the obviously and widely accepted truthful accusation that necessary extra bite. I recommend viewing the clip, but below are the opening remarks:-

Robert Kilroy-Silk had described how as an MP he had recommended his constituents to vote NO in the 1975 Common Market referendum, as he could see it leading to the ceding of sovereignty and independence; he continued:

.... And they lied to us then and they have lied to us ever since.

Menzies Campbell LibDem: That's a very serious charge to make.

RKS: I can back that charge up......

Which of course he then proceeds to do, bringing in Roy Jenkins, Shirley Williams, Geoffrey Ripon and Ted Heath. This crucial passage ends at 11 minutes and 10 seconds into the broadcast when to loud applause he asks the question:-

"What is wrong with wanting to govern ourselves?" (Watch the discomfort of the rest of the panel!)

That was the moment, in my opinion, the British political establishment really started to worry. It was then that the three party anti-democratic fraud that has been perpetrated against the British electorate for decades was revealed and the knowledge began to take hold that the game was up - and that is why Roger Knapman needs to stand down as UKIP's Leader immediately! The country has been betrayed by unprincipled politicians such as he for far, far too long!

(Other worthwhile portions of the video clip come at 30 - 33 minutes and 47 - 51 minutes.)

posted by Martin |4:19 PM
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