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Wednesday, November 24, 2004 

UKIPs emotional Press Officer again attacks this blog!

Normally Mark Croucher keeps his biased and unbalanced attacks on this blog to internet fora to which I do not belong and therefore have no right of reply. Today he has, for no apparent reason at all that I can see as no topic is raised, launched his venom on a public forum which I happened to see. Rather than bother to reply, past attempts have proved him unworthy of sensible debate, I will post his comments here and allow this blog's readers to draw their own conclusion and verdict. The first four words as posted certainly shows a rare striving towards some kind of truth!

"I doesn't really matter who you are. Your object is the same; to cause as much disruption as possible in the run-up to a General Election. You are using the same recipe as Cole; take the tiniest pinch of truth, distort it thoroughly, add a large dose of wild imagination, embitter with the views of several who have been thrown out of UKIP, and then stir wildly for months and months, until the pinch of truth has been obscured by embitterment and imagination. Serve with wild accusations, and garnish with pseudonyms and anonymity. The end result is certain to leave a nasty taste in the mouth."

posted by Martin |3:39 PM
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