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Tuesday, November 23, 2004 

Robert Kilroy-Silk in Hull - another reaction

The following letter from an ex-UKIP member is being circulated on at least one internet discussion group. I believe the reaction to Kilroy is becoming increasingly more common, which is possibly why my frustration at the stubborness of Roger Knapman to stick in his post is becoming more obvious. I have received some criticism for the stridency of my tone on this topic of late, for which I apologise and rely on the comments of this writer, whose views I share, in partial explanation for my mounting concern and obvious frustration:-


The Kilroy meeting in Hull last Friday evening was quite an event.

Even those who came 'not wishing to rock the boat' or who had swallowed the
party mantra 'unity at any price' went away fully supportive after they had
listened to what Kilroy had to say.

He is impressive, not just because of his obvious talents but because he is
so sincere. Up here in Yorkshire & North Lincs, we do not put mere mortals
on pedestals but we can recognise a winner when we see one. How refreshing.
Yorkshire has had splits within the membership in the past but last Friday,
those who had been previously at odds came together in unanimous support.

Of course, some stayed away and they missed a rare opportunity to see and
hear a man who is every inch a leader. No wonder the present leadership fear
the competition. Kilroy was and is our greatest election asset.

This is the man the cabal wish to silence, remove and discard because he has
served their purpose. They prefer to put their own petty political
aspirations before Party and before country

I believe the combination of KILROY and a reclaimed UKIP is a winning
formula. To reject it is political suicide.

For those who have not heard him - go and listen and make up your own minds.
An opportunity such as this comes once in a political lifetime.


posted by Martin |1:00 PM
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