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Thursday, November 25, 2004 

Press statement from Farage on Timing of Barrot revelation!

This blog's recent posts querying why Nigel Farage MEP had not revealed the facts about French EU Commissioner Jacques Barrot's past in time for the full EU Parliament to consider the matter seem to have struck home.

A statement issued by UKIP and linked from here, seeks to imply that the information was laid before parliament two weeks ago, giving more than a week for due consideration, rather than the mere minutes widely reported elsewhere! Another case of UKIP disinformation or just another misguided 'cunning plan'? I quote

For Immediate Release – 17:30hrs 25th November 2004

‘Stitch-up’ prevents MEPs questions over convicted Commissioner MEPs have been prevented from questioning Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot over his conviction for embezzlement after the heads of the Socialist and Conservative Groups in the European Parliament quashed a request in the Council of Presidents meeting earlier today.

UKIP MEP Nigel Farage, who revealed details of M. Barrot’s convictions to the Parliament 2 weeks ago,.......

posted by Martin |7:51 PM
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