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Sunday, November 28, 2004 

Of Ashford, Treasurers and Money!

This report from a regular correspondent raises some interesting queries on subjects of much past interest on this blog:-

Of more than passing interest is the apparent absence of UKIP's National Treasurer, one Andrew Smith from Epping, from UKIP's last two N.E.C. meetings.

He was, we are told, substituted by one Robin Collett, about whom little is known except that he has an unexplained connection with the dubious 'Ashford Operation' (see elsewhere on this blog). Collett was also seen at the UKIP Annual Conference Dinner trying manfully to cope with a considerable amount of alcohol intake, whilst sat next to one John Moran, believed to be the owner or joint owner of the private Ashford operation.

Questions about the finances of the Ashford operation have been blocked by the leadership on the grounds that Andrew Smith 'has too much on his plate'. It is believed, however, that, contrary to promises, the Ashford operation has not been handing to the Party any amounts in excess of the first year's membership fees, which Ashford keeps entirely to itself by agreement. It is not known, in fact, whether UKIP has received *any* money in respect of membership fees obtained by the Ashford operation since it began.

The Ashford operation is credited with having signed up 10,000 or more new members.

The standard membership fee is £20 a year. Some have been signed up for 3 or 5 years, on the strength of the sales team's notorious opening line: "Shall I sign you up for 5 years? - most people are signing up for 5 years these days".

The likely income received through Ashford during the past year in respect of membership fees alone - never mind donations - is around £250,000 - a handy sum. What has happend to it? A 'good question', most UKIP members might say.

Whether any more light can be shed on these murky matters during the next UKIP N.E.C. meeting remains to be seen

posted by Martin |4:55 PM
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