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Friday, November 19, 2004 

Nigel Farage's speech of yesterday on the new EU Commission

Below this is the text of the speech delivered yesterday in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg.

The facts are today causing uproar across the Continent, except in France where a Presidential gagging order prohibits the background of their own appointed Commissioner from being revealed.

Are we all soon to be similarly kept in the dark about the truth regarding our rulers, just as the French are today?

Nigel Farage MEP Leader of the Ind/Dem Group 18th November 2004 :-


Edited 22nd November 2004. The speech originally quoted here was obtaind from the website UKIPwatch run, among others by a Labour MEP. As there are questions over possible legal action to be taken against those quoting the speech I am now providing only a link from here, on the assumption that if the words can no longer be fully reported that website will be more likely to know ahead of myself.

posted by Martin |7:12 PM
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