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Saturday, November 20, 2004 

Nigel Farage

I received the following e-mail earlier today under the above heading - it raises some interesting angles on UKIP's dilemmas, which I feel are worth consideration by a wider audience. The e-mail subject was the same as the headline for this post:-

Recent events have forced the EU cuckoo within the UKIP nest to show his hand repeatedly of late. Having realised that he may have blown his cover, this wily bird now attempts to pull a smoke screen over his show of real intent by firing a few rounds into the EU machine. His show of 'solidarity' will have little effect on the leviathan EU while, if he remains, he can continue to rip the guts from our still fledgling party.

Don't be fooled, anyone who secretly manipulates the leadership, creates false poll results and dismisses Party Conference resolutions, is no fledgling Blue Tit. This creature has a different smell about it and we would all do well not to forget that, as he inevitably attempts to sham his way back into favour.

If I am wrong, then as he says, 'Let me be proven wrong, then I will withdraw and apologise. But to prove me wrong he is going to have to pass an acid test. He must use his power to implement an immediate EGM in line with a major proportion of the party numbers requests. Enable the membership to have their vote quickly before we run out of time before the General Election, then he must enforce that conference resolution. Yes, by such actions, it will further show the power he wields, but most importantly it will show just which side he is on.

posted by Martin |8:03 PM
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