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Tuesday, November 30, 2004 

Next Monday's NEC Meeting

With the East India Club 'Bar Bill' contretemps still apparently unresolved the Faragistas tonight are reported to have been diverted from their skirmishes against the Kilroy-incursionists and instead been forced to divert their limited mental resources to the looming problem of the location for next Monday's monthly NEC. While pub cellar bar-stool hideaways sufficed adequately for the past month or so, even these venues are now coming under pressure as the festive season and yuletide revelries force their own demands upon the Capital's limited executive meeting cheapskate resources.

Reports reaching UKIP Uncovered yesterday, that the buffet-bar between platforms 8-10 at Clapham Junction had been secured for the majority of NEC members, with a runner service to the half-lit and uncovered shelter on Platform 6 where the London contingent would be kept advised of proceedings and their votes, have now been found to be untrue.

Once again NEC members have been advised to monitor their mobile phones closely for calls from Nigel as the meeting time approaches, learning how to use the text message reading facility will probably not be necessary, as the sending mechanisms are still prone to periods of unreliability.

If a vote on a motion of no confidence in Roger Knapman's leadership looks likely to be on the agenda, as it most certainly should, chances are the venue will be where nobody can hear what anybody else is saying! What a Party for the party season!

posted by Martin |8:22 PM
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