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Saturday, November 27, 2004 

More on the UKIP letter that apparently declares Party Members' rights and opinions null and irrelevant.

"Finally we feel bound to mention that our informal legal soundings have suggested that the wording of the Party Constitution might not be unequivocally construed as constituting a mechanism for triggering a leadership election"

Note that in the original the word unequivocally is highlighted. UKIP Uncovered has yet to receive a complete version of this letter. If any with a copy can transcribe it and e-mail it to us we will place it on the blog so that all may read exactly what the leadership are now trying to contrive.

In plainspeak this means that Roger Knapman won't go if outvoted - or at least he is saying he won't - through the words of the Party Secretary, Tony Stone and the Party Chairman Petrina Holdsworth who have co-signed the letter.

The letter sounds full of absurdities - "informal legal soundings"? Whatever can that mean?

Those pushing for the EGM state they have actual legal advice. Many of those have been through situations where such shady soundings have also been used!

So will Knapman now step out from behind the scenes and say "unequivocally" that he will listen to the members? That now seems the burning question of the moment!

Robert Kilroy-Silk and UKIP members all around the country must now, this very weekend, in my view, question and hopefully decide whether the UKIP is a party worth staying within, or would a large breakaway now offer the only chance for the desperately needed electoral earthquake at the looming general election!

posted by Martin |8:10 AM
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