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Friday, November 26, 2004 

Leadership say they will not honour result of EGM on leadership election

UKIP Uncovered has just received this latest report on the proposed EGM:


In an extraordinary letter sent to branches, Party Secretary Tony Stone has stated that the Party Leader will not be bound by the forthcoming EGM if the party votes No Confidence in him.

What is even more extraordinary, he admits in his letter that he has not taken legal advice on this, but that he has taken "informal legal soundings". These "soundings" have been used in the past - usually internal party members who have little idea of what they are talking about, who once worked in a solicitor's office, and have always led to legal disasters, even in the past year - including the payment by the then Party Chairman David Lott of damages to Damian Hockney for outrageous libels, and payment to a former party employee.

So the Party Secretary has now made clear that the leadership would ignore a properly convened EGM, ignore the result and Carry On Regardless. Indeed, what he is trying to do with this letter is to delay the agony and try to stop the party removing Knapman at all costs, throwing up barriers to the process and then using the argument that "we can't do it in the middle of an election".

If Knapman agreed to go now, the election could be over just after Christmas. But he'll cling on like someone clung to a train going along the tracks at 80 mph…at the behest of the puppet master Nigel Farage.

Lawyers planning an EGM for the 50 Branch Chairmen will no doubt make great play of this letter..



posted by Martin |6:44 PM
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