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Tuesday, November 30, 2004 

Leadership Election Developments

The following brief update on the progress of the move to achieve a quick leadership election, was sent from the London co-ordinating centre to supporters last evening:


We have now submitted the call for an EGM from the 50 branches, and our lawyers' advice has been passed to the Party Chairman and the Party Secretary, who have not themselves taken legal advice. We would of course prefer to achieve a leadership election without having to have an EGM, and have made this clear to the Party Secretary and Chairman.

The lawyers' advice is clear. The pre-February 2004 Constitution is valid in regard to the calling of an EGM. If you have been told that each branch has to have a branch EGM, that each branch must pay £100, and that 20 per cent of all branches need to be collated to convene such a meeting, then that information is inaccurate. Now that the list of branch chairmen has been submitted, you may also receive calls trying to pressurise you into withdrawing. If so, please call Michael Harvey on xxx (office hours) or xxxx.

Some branch chairmen have received calls from senior party members making some bizarre claims about the relative merits of RK and RKS. Also, it has not helped that Nigel Farage has sent e-mails questioning Robert Kilroy-Silk's vanity (or sanity according to the first draft!), and attacking the 50 branches who have signed the call for an EGM.

This issue must be decided on hard facts, not emotive personal attacks. For the record, RKS has made it absolutely clear that he will work with whoever is elected.

Many thanks for your support. We will keep you posted


posted by Martin |8:01 AM
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