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Wednesday, November 24, 2004 

Leadership Election Closer - 50 Branches Sign up for EGM

A leadership election loomed last night after those co-ordinating an EGM claimed that 50 branches had signed up for an EGM with the motion of No Confidence in the Party Leader.

"Our lawyers have given us clear advice on how to proceed," said one of the organisers. "It is clear that the leadership will try to prevaricate and even try to oppose the will of the membership, but the lawyers are prepared to deal with them. We have learned already that Nigel Farage is planning for a leadership election, as he has fired the first shot by getting the MEPs to sign another of these strange documents declaring undying loyalty to him and Roger, and saying that they won't work with any other leader. This is fatuous of course as a document signed under pressure is never a reliable guide to what people will do when freed from that pressure.

"You may remember that they tried this with the NEC, and a few days later four members realised they had been conned and withdrew their support for the leadership. Put people on the spot and they will do odd things."

"We want to see the leadership election occur quickly, and our lawyers will contact the Party Secretary Tony Stone to that effect.

All round the country at party meetings, members have welcomed Robert Kilroy-Silk's frank and open discussion of what the party needs to do to get to Westminster. It is clear that a bandwagon is rolling, but interestingly not all of the branches calling for a leadership election are specifically Kilroy supporters. But they want the party's major electoral asset to get a hearing and to be at the forefront of the party's campaign. And when they get to see him at a big meeting, they tend to be won over by his clear sincerity and conviction.

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