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Thursday, November 25, 2004 

Knapman's UKIP - a mere 'Tool' of the Tories

One of the most crucial units of UKIP is its policy committee. As I understand matters members are appointed by the Party Leader and following the June election it became a very select and very small tight inner circle.

Recently a past very active member of the Conservative Party was appointed as a researcher for the Independence and Democracy Group in the European Parliament working very closely with Nigel Farage. His name is Adrian Muldrew.

At the last meeting of UKIP's Policy Committee (last Monday I believe) he was reported to have been in attendance although it is not known whether as a guest or full member. Adrian Muldrew was a very prominent adviser to Iain Duncan Smth, who strangely was reported as having twice called at the White House in Washington during the period leading up to the appointment of both Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State and the installation of her deputy as the new immensely powerful National Security Adviser, which visits reportedly included informal converstaions with the re-elected President Bush himself! This was reported by Matthew d'Ancona in last week's Sunday Telegraph, linked here, as I then pointed out in a post titled 'Something of the Night' on my blog Teetering Tories, click here.

The House of Commons, Standards Committee, elicited much of the background on Mr Muldrew which may be read from this link. Any reading that must query why such an active Tory has now been taken on by the party, and how it is that he has so immediately been catapaulted within its most important and critical policy making group. Those not wishing to wade through the entire interrogation might be nevertheless interested in the following quotes:-


Q1701 Sir Philip Mawer: I want to understand where you sat, your perception of the problems, but I must focus you on your contact with Mrs Duncan Smith.

Mr Muldrew: Sure. My position did settle really from the end of January until I left the Leader's office at the beginning of that September. As I say at some stage I knuckled down into my role in correspondence. How we all finally gained titles was simply that the people putting together the Party intranet insisted we all had titles in the telephone directory and I remember Rebecca going round asking us all what we thought we should call ourselves. I said, "I do not know", she said, "Correspondence Secretary" and I said, "you cannot call me Correspondence Secretary when there is already a Correspondence Unit" then she said, "Political Secretary" and I said, "I think that is egging the pudding slightly, Rebecca" and she said, "Well, Correspondence and Political Secretary" and I said, "OK, fair enough", she said, "We just need something to go on the intranet".


This posting of course raises far more questions than it answers, if any feel they can explain what it all means and wish to share their ideas with other blog readers please e-mail your ideas to advising whether or not they can be posted to the blog.

posted by Martin |11:58 AM
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