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Sunday, November 14, 2004 

Kilroy Meetings

You want to get your country back? Well you have to get your party back first.

Those were the words which had over three quarters of the 200-strong London party members on their feet last night, giving Robert Kilroy-Silk a standing ovation.

Although the talk was for London members only due to the restricted space, two leadership members gatecrashed the event and left under no illusion as to how London felt about the party leadership and about the need for an EGM.

After a rousing speech in which RKS was cheered loudly on at least a dozen occasions, there were loud cries of "what can we do about it?" and UKIP's Leader at the London Assembly gave a simple solution - "We need an EGM. I totally opposed this until a few weeks ago and the leadership have tried to fix the rules to ensure this would not happen, but we can make it happen. It must be done now and we must not allow the intimidation of the leadership to stop us reclaiming the party," he said.

He also pointed out that for the Cornwall talk, the leadership's South West office had been calling members and intimidating them into not going; "It is a disgrace that this sort of thing is happening," he said.

Two meetings within 18 hours - one in London, one in Cornwall. And in spite of the leadership trying to intimidate members, over 100 members turned out in Cornwall to hear the need for vision and leadership from Robert Kilroy Silk.

And in both, Robert Kilroy Silk won over the party audiences with his full and frank talk about what he believes UKIP needs to do to get to the next stage, to raise its game.

"We cannot have an invisible leadership, with Nigel pulling the strings," said Kilroy-Silk. "I am in this to win. Are you?"

He pointed out the degree to which the party is lacking policy, and it was clear that the inactivity of the leadership and MEPs had led to this. "For four months I was trying to resolve this," he said. "I kept saying to the leadership 'Come on, we must get our policies together. The British people are crying out for the alternative. Where are we?'".

The failure to stand in by-elections was much criticised by the audiences, as was the now widely held assumption that Nigel Farage does not want a good campaign in the General Election because he fears that others like Kilroy-Silk might win the seats and become a major focus in national politics."

UKIP is set for an EGM fairly soon, but everyone at the meetings wanted it sooner rather than later.

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