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Thursday, November 18, 2004 

Kilroy exposes Mandelson

The completely shameful decision to appoint the serially disgraced Peter Mendelson as Britain's only EU Commissioner was fully exposed yesterday in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The following is a quote from today's Independent linked here, the full speech will be available shortly:-

The maverick UK Independence Party MEP, Robert Kilroy-Silk, said Peter Mandelson, the British commissioner-designate, was "synonymous with lies, deceit, evasion and spin".

The Guardian, here, reported on the speech and its abrupt termination as follows:-

There was uproar when Robert Kilroy-Silk, who sits for Ukip without taking the whip, denounced the commission for containing Peter Mandelson, the trade and industry secretary, as Britain's sole representative - a man "synonymous with lies, deceit, evasion and spin". The presiding speaker replied: "Nobody needs to listen to slander and insults, not even from Mr Kilroy-Silk of the UK."

posted by Martin |2:10 PM
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