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Monday, November 29, 2004 

Here We Go Again!

The following was received from a past battler for the reform of UKIP, now retired from the fray, but with some striking similarities to note:

The attitude of the leadership towards the outcome of a possible EGM is EXACTLY the same as that of the "rump" NEC which refused to accept its dismissal at the hands of the conference and AGM in 1999 . I now believe that the constitution was deliberately set up to preserve the power of the London/South East Mafia.

By controlling the newsletter and most of the major events, the Cabal effectively controls the personalities who become well-known to members, thus assuring their election to the NEC. With the NEC elected by all the members, no elected member has any other constituency but (in theory) the whole party and the AGM/Conference and (in practice) the real constituency
of insiders who decide that he is malleable/stupid enough for their purposes.

Another similarity is Derek Clark's assertion that new members only cause expense. A similar remark by Craig MacKinlay (then the treasuruer who refused to produce accounts) was reported to me in the run-up to the 1999 brouhaha. Hearsay and not evidence I know, but it suggests a remarkable continuity of attitude. Plus ca change....

posted by Martin |11:35 AM
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