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Tuesday, November 30, 2004 

Farage's rare foray into Print

The posting immediately beneath this sets out the latest on the Leadership Elections. Quoted here is the bizarre response of Nigel Farage mentioned therein.


To all UKIP South East Branch Chairman

You will have now received a letter from our Party Chairman, Petrina Holdsworth, outlining the procedure for an EGM. It is a lengthy business that would destroy a General Election Campaign.

Unfortunately you will also have received an email from Michael Harvey, who works for Damian Hockney. This is part of a desperate, failing campaign where a handful of disaffected London members are supporting the sanity of Robert Kilroy-Silk. Please ignore Mr Harvey, who doesn’t
even have the authority to bother you, and let us get on with the job.

After all these years of building a broadly based political party we cannot let one man’s ambition steer us off the course.


Nigel Farage

M.E.P, UK Independence Party, South East.

Damian Hockney's comments on this, I hope he doesn't mind me sharing them with blog readers, was as follows:-

New UKIP rule - you need a permit from Nigel Farage to "bother" members.

An extraordinary memo from Nigel Farage hits the poor saps in the South East. Clearly rattled by the growing call for a leadership election, he has written to South East branches querying the "sanity of Robert Kilroy-Silk" and saying that one of the co-ordinators of the campaign to get a leadership election, Michael Harvey, "doesn't even have the authority to bother" branch chairmen.

Nice to know isn't it, that you now need a permit, presumably from Nigel Farage, to "bother" other members (ie get in touch with them). Presumably as the architect of most of the bother in the party, Nigel Farage is an expert in the matter and is well-equipped to spot a bit of bother when he sees it…coming round the corner is the biggest bit of bother he has faced...


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