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Sunday, November 28, 2004 

Farage's Bar Bill and the veunues of the NEC

Information about the inner workings of UKIP is pouring in to 'UKIP Uncovered' at the moment. The latest information concerns the extraordinary way in which the dates and venues of the N.E.C. are fixed by Nigel Farage.

In the days when Nigel Farage and John de Roeck, the former Party Treasurer, were on friendly terms - and both being members of the East India Club - John de Roeck made a four-year booking of a comfortable room in the club for UKIP's monthly NEC meetings. This was terminated by Farage after his contretemps with John de Roeck. After the very next meeting at the East India Club which took place after the contretemps, there was an almighty row about the size of Nigel Farage's 'bar bill' which apparently remains unresolved to this very day.

The result is that the NEC doesn't know until the last minute where it will be meeting. Its last meeting was in a downstairs room at the Red Lion pub, Whitehall. The previous one was in a totally unsuitable room in King's College. The NEC has now failed to meet for 5 weeks and is now due to meet on Monday 6 December. No-one knows where yet, until they get a call on Farage's mobile!

posted by Martin |4:49 PM
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