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Monday, November 22, 2004 

Establishment sabotage of Euro-realism continues apace.

Yesterday the BBC, probably the UK agency most openly active on behalf of what is now so clearly becoming the new evil empire of the EU, chose as its guest for its weekend "The Politics Show" flagship on BBC One, Derek Clarke MEP the individual who, second only to Nigel Farage MEP, has probably done more to single handedly destroy euro-scepticism over the past eighteen months than any other I can recall.

This feat was of course achieved during his period as head of the UKIP disciplinary panel when through largely uncontstitutional and still unchallenged means, he hounded from office and the party those eurosceptics ( such as myself), most likely to really rock the boat and actually discomfort, if not start to thwart the whole anti-democratic EU Institution.

The excuse used by the BBC for this man's appearance was his earlier incarnation as an education expert, offered apparently, as he had in the past some connection with the destruction of the nation's education system.

The more likely underlying purpose of his appearance, I am informed, seemed to be discernible at the end of the interview when with obvious foreknowledge of a question regarding Robert Kilroy-Silk, he was quick off the mark with a retort clearly designed to disparage and demean. I will endeavour to supply a link to the interview here later today.

While the BBC motives in this instant seem to me perfectly clear, the other amazing research coup of last week - on French Commissioner Jacques Barrot, revealed by Nigel Farage last Thursday in the EU Parliament, and still receiving press coverage such as this report in this morning's Times,linked here, still has to be put down to mere co-incidence.

Extremely fortuitous co-incidence nevertheless, considering the shadow into which Farage had been cast the previous day by the Kilroy-Silk assault on the new Commission. Certainly the little gem of dirt on the Frenchman, passed on to Farage seems evidence that the fates were then smiling very kindly on that individual whose actions so frequently have the opposite affect than that he says he intends.

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