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Monday, November 29, 2004 

Does Farage perhaps picture himself leading the Tories?

I was blogging an item on Teetering Tories about Michael Howard's hopeless position and the interview with IDS in today's Independent, and began to chew on the options now available to the Conservatives given the incredible paucity of talent within their present Westminster contingent.

Suddenly the thought occurred - could this perhaps explain the bizarre behavioure of Nigel Farage MEP. Can he possibly imagine bringing his little band of UKIP MEPs, with all their EU cash, into the Tory fold and then takeover and lead his old party to where he believes it should be going.

Normally such speculation would be absurd and unworthy of wasting the increasingly precious daily time available for postings on this blog, but after the extraordinary statement by ex-Chairman and senior Cabalist David Lott, which I repeat here.......... maybe not?

I am sure you will all agree that Nigel Farage over the last week has played a blinder attacking the record of Commissioner Barrot. Do not forget that he has been personally threatened and I would urge you to give him your loyal support. If only we had already built up a head of steam, just think how we could have made him a national hero if we had already been on a roll.

Phew? stirring stuff is it not - I certainly will be trying not to forget that he has been personally threatened - how brave and fearless he truly is! Except of course, Farage in typical style timed his revelation to solely serve his own image against that of Robert Kilroy-Silk, far too late to save the continent from the appointment of the now acknowledged criminal Barrot.

But 'national hero' with such dreams might he not awake for his aspirin in the night and muse of perhaps filling the shoes of those lowlier ordinary men such as JohnMajor, William Hague, Iain Duncan-Smith and Michael Howard. Who knows, perhaps even thoughts of taking up the challenge of the Iron Lady herself, might at times come unbidden to his mind? The intricate mind of UKIP's putative 'national hero'

Heavens Forbid!

posted by Martin |2:31 PM
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