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Sunday, November 28, 2004 

A Cross Section of Comments as the Crisis Deepens

Here are a few brief quotes (most from UKIP Branch Chairmen, apparently) from the ever-growing volume of e-mail that is now arriving from hither and yon, all intended to do what is best for the party, the country and in my view, hopefully, but only occasionally read between the lines - a restoration of hope, purpose and decency to our cause!

'things have gone much too far now to draw back from the once-and-for-all sort-out which has to take place.'

"....the membership has had enough of this puppet show and now are demanding a full change from the top down."

"You know as well as I that this row is not just about Kilroy-Silk or Roger Knapman as Leader. It is a roar of frustration from the membership (or at least the activists) at the way the Party is being run"

Well folks we have it all to play for and as for Frank Leeming wanting to know what Geoffrey Kingscott is up to perhaps you ALL would like to ask
John Bradley that same question.

The sooner Robert is in place to lead with a competent team the sooner we can get on and win seats at Westminster (Even if it costs us our MEP's) Its MP we need!

It is allegedly being run by a cabal with one man as the puppeteer. I do not like that man, do not trust him, and am dismayed by accounts of his past actions.

More to follow, with some from the cabal themselves .... Farage stating Westminster seats are impossible to win, Derek Clarke that new members are not worth the bother, cost and expense.... and to warm you up for those - this cracker from the the same schoolmasterly sage and erstwhile overseer of the kangaroo courts, UKIP's now apparently sole East Midlands MEP himself, who recently told one of that regions Branch Chairman regarding by-elections:

"UKIP's got no policies - the press will eat us alive". Is that deliberate? You decide!

posted by Martin |7:14 PM
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