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Friday, May 14, 2004 

A Warning for UKIP MEP Candidates

Although Nigel Farage's letter of 24th September 2003, (see blog of 6 November 2003 linked here,)clearly states that the MEP candidate's deposits of five hundred pounds would be placed in a ring-fenced account and that :

These deposits will be returned to you after the election on a pro rata basis. (They are saveable at 2.5 per cent and at the last Euro-election the only region where deposits were lost was Scotland - This time we aim to save them all).

We hear that the idea was floated at the recent NEC that such might not any longer be the plan. It seems that in spite of the report by Knapman of two million pounds being available for the Euro campaign, preparations are in hand to batten down the financial hatches as soon as the polls close.

MEP candidates not expecting to climb aboard the Strasbourg Gravy Train from mid-June, might be best advised not to rely on any portion of their five hundred pound election deposit being returned when making their summer holiday arrangements.

posted by Martin |11:35 AM
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