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Friday, May 14, 2004 

UKIP's North East Campaign Launch

I received the following snippets regarding a rather lacklustre launch of the UKIP campaign in the North East.

Piers Merchant seems to be conspicuously absent from UKIP's campaign
(such as it is). The one significant mention was in Monday's Journal, which had a photo of UKIP's launch, beside the Angel of the North - but only the second listed candidate, Charlotte Bull, in the picture.

Charlotte Bull is indeed the sole survivor from the original possibly eight hopeful UKIP candidates (it was never entirely clear how many or who was on the list) but the hustings and candidate selection procedure were so quickly turned to farce by the antics of the UKIP leadership cabal and disgraceful manipulations of Peter Troy, that now it is clearly irrelevant.

Other than the picture of Charlotte and the Angel, written comments in the newspaper seemed to focus on UKIP's replacement Lead Candidate, Piers Merchant's sleaze ridden past - our informant aptly comments "not only has he brought his baggage with him, it seems in fact to have come by itself, without him. Perhaps he's still in London."

The North East is fortunate to have a first-rate eurosceptic candidate in Neil Herron, whose motives for standing nobody may doubt, ex-Metric Martyr and dedicated campaigner against all things EU, not least the Regional Assemblies that particularly remain a real and ever present threat in the North East.

After I had topped the straw poll of UKIP party members at the Newcastle hustings, and before I resigned in disgust at what I then almost immediately learned of the characters and calibre of the UKIP leadership cabal - it was strikenly obvious to me that Neil was the right man as the leading eurosceptics MEP for the North east. Neil and I comfortably saw off the pro-EU case put forward by a sitting NE Labour MEP and the Lib/Dem candidate at Newcastle University shortly after - I wish him all the best of luck in doing the same on 10th June.

posted by Martin |7:35 AM
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