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Thursday, May 13, 2004 

Kilroy-Silk plans Party Takeover?

A reader has pointed out that Kilroy-Silk might be wishing to change the (C)constitution of the party and quotes Mathew Tempest's article in yesterday's Guardian as evidence! The relevant passage is quoted below and the entire article is linked again from here.

While attacking the "metropolitan media elite" for being unrepresentative, he was forced to admit that the UKIP platform consisted of five middle-aged white men.

He said: "That is something I'm very much aware of and will address vigorously. I've only just joined but I will change the constitution of the party."

It is clear to me that the intent of the sentence is that he will change the make-up of the party, which as a middle-aged white man myself, I nevertheless applaud. Disregarding the quibble as to which meaning of 'constitution' was intended in this direct quote the consequences are nevertheless significant for the party!

"I will change the ....." undeniably indicates that Mr Kilroy-Silk plans and intends to be in a position to determine the future of the party, and that such future will be in accordance with his own vision.

The same reader also queries that if Mr Kilroy-Silk is a committed anti-EU activist then there should be plenty of Sunday Express columns illustrating and explaining those views. In the absence of concrete evidence having yet been unearthed regarding his advice to his constituents in 1975, this blog would appreciate any recollections regular readers of Kilroy's Express column might have on the subject of the EU.

posted by Martin |8:51 AM
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