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Sunday, May 09, 2004 

A Further Heavy Blow for the Anti-EU Movement

Kilroy-Silk is prominently billed on the front page of the Sunday Express, with an 'Exclusive' Billing and headline, 'Why I'm standing again for election'. We will post the article for analysis in due course. The recruitment receives coverage today from Reuters. The 'Independent' has extensive coverage linked here, and 'The Observer's' piece describing UKIP as hard right and stating it advocates detention for asylum seekers is linked from here.

If there is one region of England in which the sitting Conservative MEPs could be said to deserve re-election, it has to be the East Midlands. Their lead candidate Roger Helmer has consistently been at the forefront of resistance to the EU and his number two candidate Chris Heaton-Harris was a co-proposer of the censure motion against the Commission's handling of the Eurostat corruption case. He resigned as the Conservative Chief Whip rather than withdraw his signature in accordance with orders from Howard's re-appointed European Group leader for Tory MEPs, the German Christian Democrat Poettering.

Kilroy-Silk's appointment was apparently arranged by Max Clifford PR guru to UKIP, but reported to support Blair's stance on the EU. Can it be a co-incidence that Kilroy-Silk the housewife's favourite, whose views on the EU cause have until now been unknown, has been chosen to run in an area against two individuals who have been the only ones to score any effective blow against the EU in the European Parliament over the past five years?

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