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Friday, November 07, 2003 

A Battle of Princip(les) als

The war of words continues at the head of UKIP. Below is part of a riposte fired back by the party's Vice-Chairman against the ludicrous charge that there is presently too much openness in the party:

Take the matter of the Party Treasurer. I made quite clear at the NEC that Nigel, David, Roger, Derek et al were breaking the law in interpreting the resolution as an excuse to get rid of the Party Treasurer, and they went ahead anyway, without advice, without a heed - I therefore had to get my lawyers involved to stop the madness, which I did. The Party Secretary, supposedly there to protect us, sat mute and impassive as if he had been hit by the down express. If you are seriously saying I was wrong to restore order, we are arguing from different standpoints. I believe in complete transparency and accountability and I am sorry I will not just go along with things for a quiet life. Had I not taken such action, then the
party would have been operating illegally and liable to closure, even if just temporarily. What price then any amount of canvassing and fundraising? In that situation, who is doing the 'frustrating' and who is doing the 'co-operating'? I believe that I was doing the co-operating - protecting the party - and that the leadership were doing the frustrating.
It's a version of the old "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter".

If matters had been handled on a proper basis in the NEC, the EEC and the disciplinary panel, the party could be moving forward at this crtical moment for the country, instead of being torn apart from within, its top echelons and its traumas paraded on the websites of its opponents.

Had there indeed been any element of decency or fair dealing from the party's leadership, then the writer of this blog, who wholeheartedly endorses the ideals for which UKIP was supposed to stand would have been voluntarily devoting his time and energy on a daily basis to the cause of fighting the EU, rather than trying to impose reform on UKIP itself via the internet.

Meantime the almost universally acknowledged 'nasty piece of work' in Chepstow again hits out at all and sundry, spreading more lies and disinformation, particularly on this occasion, this blog, . The latest an attempt to pretend the NEC resolution of UKIP's NEC withdrawing any links with this 'inciter to murder' was not passed.

He then continues with more totally untrue claims regarding myself and the Tory Party - all entirely a product of his imagination.

Greg Lance-Watkins and David Lott, a suitable pair!

posted by Martin |8:48 AM
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