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Thursday, November 06, 2003 

As UKIP Now Appears

Sadly the gross incompetence of the present UKIP Leadership, particularly, Farage, Knapman, Lott and Clarke with contributory groundwork from Nattrass and Titford has led to this report to appear on the front page of the BNP web site:-


UKIP in disarray

5th November 2003


The remaining elements within UKIP have spoken with some of our members
about their embarrassment at the antics of UKIP's 2004 London Mayoral
candidate on television. Former boxing promoter Frank Maloney appeared on
the Frank Skinner show on Saturday evening, dressed in a Union Flag suit. He
was challenged by Skinner about his political ambitions.

FS - "I understand you are a candidate for London mayor".
FM - "That's right - June 2004".
FS - "Which party are you representing?"
FM - "The United Kingdom Independence Party".
FS - "What's that?"
FM - "They kind of want Britain to be run by Westminster not Europe"
FS - "Has your campaign started?".
FM - "Yeah - I've spoken to quite a lot of people".

While it is not surprising Skinner himself hasn't heard of UKIP it was
unsettling for some UKIPers to listen to Frank referring to the Party as
"they" rather than "we". Could it be that UKIP as merely using Frank Maloney
as a source of dosh for running what will undoubtedly be a lost cause.

Emergency meeting

Not content with embarrassing themselves on TV watched by several million,
the party seems to be ripping itself apart following discontent about how
the Party is being run. Allegations of financial irregularities have been
made and tonight's Emergency General Meeting taking place in St. James'
Square in London has seen some outpourings of concern bordering on animosity
regarding the failure of the Party to manage its accounts and report the
situation transparently to its members.

Among the many resolutions to be called tonight is one which "calls upon the
Finance Committee to produce a report with recommendations before making any
determination for resolution. It is noted that candidates' deposits for the
European Elections 2004 should be placed either into party funds, or in a
genuine third party account outside the party altogether. Additionally that
the terms on which such deposits are made and held (and may be returned)
should be clarified."

This comes on the heel of serious allegations by the Party Chairman and
Nigel Farage MEP that "central funds are the subject of an internal enquiry"
and threats to call in the police. The implications in these widely
disseminated letters and e-mails has been that there is serious wrong-doing
being investigated, all of which is unknown to the NEC.

In recent months, items which UKIP's ruling NEC members have attempted to
get onto NEC meeting agendas have either been ignored or not placed on the
agenda. Apart from being against the accepted rules of meetings, this
situation will create the need for constant Emergency NEC meetings to
discuss issues which are being ignored. The NEC resolves to note in the
minutes the general understanding of the rules regarding submission and
incorporation of items for inclusion in the agenda.

It will something of a struggle for the UKIP leadership to maintain the
disparate and very unhappy membership of the party until the June elections.

posted by Martin |9:07 AM
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