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Tuesday, October 21, 2003 

Yet Another Resignation!

Another hard working volunteer departs in despair! Writing to a recently expelled once dedicated member, the latest victim of the despicable Disciplinary Panel and its rule ignoring Chairman Derek Clark, she writes:-

Please may I join your club of ex-UKIP members? I have been following the goings on and I'm blessed if I can make out why you have been suspended from the party for a year, or even at all. What are you supposed to have done wrong? One thing I do know, as from today, after the despicable undemocratic way you have been treated, I am an ex-member. I will be writing to the relevant person to resign forthwith. I had already cancelled the bank standing order, giving me until the present sub expires in April to see if the party gets its act together. As you have probably gathered from my previous correspondence, I resigned over the squabbling a few years ago, but was persuaded by xxxxxx to rejoin and become Secretary of a newly formed Leeds Branch in time for the 2001 General Election. We had five constituencies so it was a busy life for a while, especially as I acted as an agent for one of the candidates. The following December we came to live in Wigan, so that was the end of that job. They haven't kept in touch with me, despite my efforts to keep in contact, so I don't know what's happening now. By the weekend I will have resigned for the second time, and also the last as I will not be joining again, no matter what.

posted by Martin |3:24 PM
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