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Friday, October 10, 2003 

Thoroughly Disgusting!

We ended our first post of yesterday with this quotation about the ‘Cabal‘: THESE MEN ARE EVIL. Strong words and ones we thought very carefully about before repeating.

The very first posting was made on this blog on the 14th April, some six months ago. Almost daily since then and sometimes several times a day, we have probed, unravelled and tried to understand the history of the UK Independence Party; the character and motivation of those who run it and from that knowledge attempt to discern some rational purpose behind the manipulations, lies, dirty dealings and general sordidness that was slowly revealed.

Today the Party's Annual Conference begins in London. Ordinary UKIP members from across the country will converge on the capital to listen to their leaders and guest speakers. The typical UKIP member is a loyal and hard-working patriotic and dead honest person dedicated to the restoration of Britain's sovereignty. I know, I met many of them at the last conference in Scarborough one year ago. They are being betrayed!.

British politics is seen as soiled and obnoxious by the public at large after the recent administrations of the two main parties. People hope for a clean break and new start. A release from the rottenness they suspect exists in their national parties and can clearly see at work within all the various structures of the European Union. UKIP, under its present leadership, incredibly, has managed to take such malpractice to new heights within its own organisation.

Worse, the motives of the senior leadership, if not the opposite of what they say they are, nevertheless has that effect. The close connections of some senior party figures to the ever-present and scurrilous Greg Lance-Watkins, who disdains UKIP Party Membership, but presumes to choreograph all, through his close senior links, inevitably repel any decent, fair-minded and reasonably thoughtful elector. Such connections, combined with earlier associations to the far right of several senior party figures, (all covered in detail on this blog) serve to totally discredit those honest and sincere party members dedicated to a total re-appraisal of Britain's relationships with the EU, bringing all their efforts to nought.

Why else at a time when the EU is at an all time low in the public’s esteem is the party supposedly existing solely to get us out, also in the depths of unpopularity? Is this the present leaderships’ real aim? It is without doubt, the present result.

Maybe it is because those in charge are in the word of Hugh Meechan, 'evil'. My view is somewhat different, preferring to avoid the theological. Some of UKIP's leaders are possessed of a belief that the EU is so abhorrent and so evil itself, that they themselves as crusaders against it have the right to act in any way they deem proper, as they are engaged on a higher mission. Others I suspect are more motivated by personal ambition and greed, some even, either knowingly or not, might have been subverted by the forces they profess to fight.

My view of them is expressed in the headline of this post, Thoroughly Disgusting! and furthermore quite despicable!

posted by Martin |9:24 AM
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