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Monday, October 20, 2003 


We publish below two statements; the first by Viscount Exmouth in support of Damian Hockney and the second a response from Christina Speight.



I write to add support and comments to Damian Hockney's open statement to Branch Chairmen of UK Independence Party.

I was in particular agreement with his contention that the Leadership has instituted every crisis and ignored advice, which would have prevented much of our problems.

In the MEP selection meetings, I questioned the modus operandi of the Party, its approach to the electorate and the amateurism of the Marketing approach. Since then, as I forecast UKIP made no impression on the Welsh Assembly or the Scottish Parliament, our results in the Council Elections were not a success, they were derisory. 'A triumph' proclaimed UKIP.

Who in his right mind is going to support a Party describing itself as 'the Anti Politician Party,' a Party that contends 'the Political Elite are corrupt,' and had no view on the issue which has dominated the News for a year 'War in Iraq' Why should the electorate take our views on the EU seriously when that is the only issue we address?

I hear much nonsense about 'Tory Moles', 'the major Parties being worried by UKIP' and 'members and MEP candidates being against the Party.' For my part I am pro the UK Independence (with all that that implies) Party and against the incompetence of what is referred to as 'the Leadership.' I am angry at the hypocrisy, self-delusion, incompetence and waste of money. The hard working members of UKIP have been and are being, badly served.

The appeal of Democracy is that different views be expressed and discussed. The Leaderships attitude is, don?t express them, never discuss them. The points you raised about the NEC support this contention in every regard. The sacking and reinstatement of the Party Treasurer merely adds weight to my opinion of the way in which the Leadership operates.

I made it plain in my speeches that the only seat any UKIP member will take in Westminster is in the Public Gallery. This need not and should not be the case. Some may be too concerned with the Gravy Train. My concern is that UKIP won?t even leave the sidings, let alone reach a station.

I wish you well in your approach and trust those who care about our cause will be equally vocal in their support.



Dear Lord Exmouth

I was delighted to read your unequivocal support for Damian Hockney's statement. I have forwarded this to all those to whom I had forewarded his original.

You may also have seen that Andy Edwards has been expelled from the party at a hearing which he could not attend. The opportunity to attend a further hearing was only seen by him after the last date to request one! He thus joins that growing number of UKIPpers who have over the last three years either resigned in disgust or been expelled for trying to bring order out of scandal after scandal.

Most of us have no regrets at having left and only regret that each new batch of honest people have had to learn the hard way for themselves. There is no way forward for Britain through UKIP. The only points of decision are in a referendum or at Westminster elections and in neither of these does UKIP have any distinctive role too play. Indeed in the latter case any candidates can at most succeed in perpetuating the anti-British role of Blair and New Labour.

On the other hand euro-MEPs are of no use in our struggle and in the case of UKIP are merely a vehicle for diverting EU-money into individual pockets. The limited influence an MEP has is being more effectively exercised by MEPs such as Dan Hannan, Neil Parish, Roger Helmer and Chris Heaton-Harris etc ... all Tories. As one of the above comments "UKIP have done very little to fight for British interests - since 1999 only 1 UKIP Member has written a report; they are invisible and irrelevant in the European Parliament. On the great bulk of votes, they have either been absent or abstained - including on such key issues as asylum and immigration, energy tax harmonisation, and the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights. "

All anti-EU campaigners who find the leap to the Tories too much should consider working through the Democracy Movement ... via a local branch if there is one and by forming one if there isn't! There is also Vote 2004 run by the man who has so successfully run the 'NO' campaign on the euro, the Referendum 04 campaign run by Metric Martyr Neil Herron or through the Campaign for an Independent Britain.

The one thing that is certain is that UKIP cannot be brought back from the abyss and those who do not leave it now are doomed to bitterness and frustration.

Christina Speight
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For a quick update on the latest scandals engulfing UKIP read our posts from yesterday Misappropriation of Funds?, Further Facts on Financial Finagling and Interleaved response to Lott which also can be found immediately below.

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