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Monday, October 20, 2003 

Report from Ashford

An operation in Ashford was the subject of many of the questions raised regarding the incident of the Daily Mail advertisement that can be read in full from this link: Misappropriation of Party Funds?

Now this report from the Kentish Express on 16th October throws further light on the extent of the operation:-

New party expanding in town

AS our local political affairs continue to be ruled by Conservatives fighting to make the best of decisions handed down from Whitehall from the Labour government, not a lot of people know that Ashford has become the regional centre for the nation's newest party.

The UK Independence Party has created 10 new jobs in town when it recently launched a call centre.

It says that growing interest meant it had to expand outside its central London headquarters and Kent in general, and Ashford in particular as the Gateway to Europe, was the obvious choice.

The move is just the start of expansion plans with another 20 staff expected to be working in town on their campaign for the European elections next June.

Their local MEP Nigel Farage said at the opening that interest in the party has grown, as people became aware of what the proposed EU Constitution meant for Britain.

Special guest at the centre was former ITN newsreader and Conservative MP for Gravesend Tim Brinton from Folkestone who joined UKIP earlier this year.

He said: "Party membership has increased by over 50 per cent in the last year, and it continues to grow at a staggering rate.

"The time has come to decide who we are governed by Westminster or Brussels and only the UK Independence Party is prepared to offer voters that choice."

In view of the questions over money spent and gathered by this operation, the question for the UKIP membership and their NEC is more a matter of Just what the devil is going on?

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