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Monday, October 27, 2003 

Queen Anne's Gate forerunner of Ashford

As more and more details become available as to the extraordinary set-up and operations of the Ashford office (of which we hope to provide more information later today), certain similarities appear with an earlier situation, namely, that of the London offices of the EDD in Queen Anne's Gate. This was apparently set up by Dr North with assistance from David Lott. It is apparently an EDD/UKIP office, but seems to mainly accomodate Mark Croucher, who describes himself as UKIP National Press Officer. If indeed he was performing that function why is he not based at UKIP Head Office nearby where he could be on top of all UKIP matters? Alistair Campbell would not have dreamed of being outside Number 10!

Is the fact that UKIP MEPs effectively abandoned the national party some time ago? Is Ashford the endgame rather than the beginning with the split starting in September 2000 with the Queen Anne's Gate decision. Dr North was much more intimately involved with every aspect of the running of the party than many could ever have suspected.

What can be the dark secrets that required the paying of hush money from Jens Peter Bonde's EDD to Richard North as reported in this month's edition of The Sprout which we quote:-

EDD chief embroiled in hush money payment row

Veteran Danish Eurosceptic, Jens-Peter Bonde, infamous as one of the tightest men in the European Parliament, shocked friends and colleagues by his response to 'The Sprout's' article (UKIP's latest policy - September 03). Like a shot fox he was onto his sacked/resigned Director of Research Dr Richard North offering him hush money to keep quiet about goings on in Bonde's Europe of Democracy and Diversities group (EDD) - to which UKIP are attached.

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