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Monday, October 20, 2003 

The Peter Troy Enigma?

Troy is UKIP's untouchable! If it had not already been perfectly clear before now, reading the letter regarding the NE Committee Member's appeal must surely make it so. Nothing will be allowed, by the UKIP powers that be, to remove Peter Troy from his favoured place in the party.

The conditions placed on the democratically elected NE Regional Committee Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are stated, inter alia, as follows:-

“Sufficient undertakings” would involve a signed agreement to:-

co-operate with all members of the regional committee irrespective of personal
rivalries and dislikes.

It is therefore proposed that one 'Peter Troy' the cause of all difficulties is to be protected by such a binding undertaking. With this same villain having the sole perogative, presumably, to determine whether they were being met AND with the power of this penalty should he so decide: A breach of these principles would re-activate the suspension.

The people now running UKIP must have long since left the real world, or have become totally corrupted by the omnipotent powers they see being exercised in Brussels and Strasbourg!

Anybody, knowing the long history of problems in the North East region can only draw one conclusion, namely that all present difficulties on the Regional Committee have been caused by one sole individual, that being Peter Troy. I first visited the North East in January of this year, knowing none of the people concerned. Since that first visit I have been to several of the meetings and have come to know the personalities involved reasonably well. There are to my knowledge no other such ongoing personality disputes. Troy is a menace to the party efforts and troublemaker within the region.

It was Troy who telephoned somebody within the cabal. We presume that most probably it was Nigel Farage, the Chairman of the European Elections Committee and provided his biased interpretation to the events of the 8th March Committee Meeting that resulted in its unconstitutional and improper suspension. But this had not been the first instance of such actions.

The following is an excerpt from "On the Grapevine" edition of 26 February 2001:-

Meanwhile in the North East, Peter Troy, acting under the direction of Dr North and Party Secretary Michael Harvey, attempted to rule their Annual General Meeting on 10th October (2000 - ed.) out of order on a technicality - an incorrect one as it turned out. The meeting had been perfectly properly called under normal procedures six weeks earlier. Troy's attempt to prevent the meeting taking place then became the subject of a debate, followed by a democratic vote where the members decdided they should proceed. Exit Peter Troy in a temper! The meeting went on to elect a new committee to run the Region. Acting on Dr North's advice, Party Secretary Michael Harvey then suspended the entire North East Regional Committee for daring to defy his 'instructions' to cancel the meeting, and threatened to discipline hard-working Northumberland activists Michael Rollings and Martin Rouse!

A spate of angry letters from the North east to the Party leadership protesting at these events followed. I'm sorry to say they were largely ignored. When I (the newsletter editor Tony Bennet who had been employed by Jeffrey Titford - ed.) wrote a letter on 20th October from Jeffrey's office to the North East, trying to calm matters down, Michael Harvey promptly reacted by calling for my immediate suspension and simultaneously referring my letter to the Party's Discipline Committee. Believe it or not, I remain under disciplinary investigation by the Committee for daring to support the Northumberland Officials against Michael Harvey's actions.

Well, we do believe it, Tony. (When I drew Troy's membership list padding and BNP member recruiting to the attention of the NEC, I was disqualified as a candidate!) Furthermore how could we not believe it when we have the evidence, three years later that the same Michael Rollings and Michael Rouse are still the victims of the vendetta being waged against them by the UKIP leadership dancing to the promptings of the everpresent Peter Troy, and receiving as they did the quite extraordinary letter rejecting their appeal against suspension dated 1st October 2003, which is reproduced in full below.

This even following the Graham Webster-Gardiner investigation which cleared the NE Committee of any wrongdoing and found against Troy who was supposedly faced with dismissal. He, HOWEVER, remained ensconced deep within the party, where today three years later he can savour the triumph of his determined vindictiveness. Now even the Discipline panel that reportedly informed the NEC that the NE Committee member's suspension from office was lifted, without caveat, as we are informed by Damian Hockney only this morning,has in fact been upheld according to the letter eventually sent.

Meantime Troy remains on the list of approved MEP Candidates for Scotland, as far as our source was able to confirm again this morning. What is the enigma of Troy in UKIP?

Our first posting regarding the G. Stride NE Appeal Rejection letter was posted on 15th October and can be read from this link:NE Disciplinary Appeal

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