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Thursday, October 16, 2003 

More thoughts on the AGM and Greg Lance-Watkins again!

Other views on the events at the recent UKIP meetings have been put on internet fora. One comment raised these matters arising from one very lengthy account of the events that circulated yesterday:-

"I read (....'s) account with care - and with horrified fascination.

(.....) has identified correctly the most scandalous abuses but was talked out of allowing the members to have a scintilla of knowledge of what was done in their name. The AGM is the supreme body to whom once a year the AGM reports and - it was not told - the truth. This is the worst scandal of all

On top of that the NEC was gagged and prevented from discussing the agenda, WHO gagged it please??? Who has the power to gag it? Was it The Chairman ? On his own chairman's initiative ? Or did someone else propose the gag?

At the AGM " things were announced that I knew nothing about,". WHO announced them please? On whose behalf? The unconsulted NEC, presumably!

The NEC were refused "financial information about donors to which they are entitled under the constitution" WHO had the authority to refuse them? And more to the point WHO was it that refused?

With such contempt for the party's own AGM no wonder a record number of members did not attend!

BUT glad to hear that G.L-W is now officially beyond the pale. Not before time.

Regarding the last sentence, it was indeed reported that the NEC had agreed a motion whereby the party would distance themselves from the antics of non-party member Greg Lance-Watkins, who it was said and all must now know, claims to be a member of the UKIP inner circle.

If such was indeed the case there has been remarkably little sign of such distancing. A check moments ago of the party's Press Release page indicates nothing has been issued this week, either on the Conference or to disassociate the party from this individual (other than the fisheries embarassment covered here).

Not only no public distancing, we also understand that some UKIP party members are still planning to attend the gathering G.L-W has organised for next weekend at 'The Huntsman', one such being the already shamed Peter Troy resigned MEP candidate for the North East and still (as far as we know) approved Scottish MEP candidate, and the other a well known UKIP figure, Idris Francis. It seems strange the NEC decision has not been announced by a suitable press release as demanded by numerous UKIP members following the Lance-Watkins statements after the murder of Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, nor indeed personal statements from either or both Messrs Troy and Francis regarding their withdrawal, especially in light of the recent e-mails circulated by Lance-Watkins trumpeting their attendance.

Clarification on this matter seems urgently required!

posted by Martin |11:37 AM
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